Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Scheduling Daily Deals -

  We have been scheduling customers to our best ability and attempting to reach out to all voucher holders as soon as possible.  We have new access to a Yahoo.com account and can have daily deal voucher holders contact us to schedule or reschedule your cleaning service.  Please be aware that with the influx of new emails there may be a short delay in returning the email or contacting you, but rest assured, we will.  Please follow the instructions on how to redeem via email :

  1. Email timesavermaids  @  Yahoo.com with the following -

  1. Email   Timesavermaids   @  Yahoo.com
  2. Include the following information in the email.
  3. Your Full Name
  4. Your Phone # ( 2 is best for contact )
  5. Daily Deal Site Purchased From
  6. Your Voucher #
  7. Your Address for Service
  8. Your City
  9. Your Zip
  10. Description of your property to be cleaned
  11. Any information we may need about your property or needs ( IE : Gate codes, animals in home, location difficulties )
   As per our technical support help we should be able to have our company's phone, website and email server back up and operational by end of week.
  We appreciate your patience in this matter and look forward to servicing you shortly.

- Time Saver Support Staff

Monday, October 1, 2012

Time Saver Maids is currently re-scheduling our daily deal vouchers and appreciate the kind words of those who understand how the cleaning business works. For those who feel it necessary to provide a rant of their two cents on how a cleaning service conducts business, as a voucher holder stated herself, " If you can do it better, by all means quit crying and get it done, until then, you will get it cleaned before it expires, enough with the princess act ".  We do issue a computer generated route sheet daily, as it would make no sense to a layman in the service industry of cleaning, to issue a route a week in advance when the route changes by the hour with cancellations, illness, issues, new customers and so on. 
          Your the daily deal companies signed you up as customers, the daily deal companies received your monies, no one at Time Saver Maids took your money and not serviced you outside of our agreement with the daily deal companies.  We are baffled by the lack of common sense when providing slander about Time Saver Maids defrauding" them personally and "stealing" their money. Your issue if wanting or needing a refund would lie with the daily deal site in which you are a customer of.  We do not take certain customers "words of wisdom", when it comes to how "they" believe this company should be operated, with a grain of salt and have a great retention rate on daily deals, thank you.  If your going to use a ranting site as a platform to have yourself heard by a few people then we encourage you to vent and make yourself feel better inside.  For those who have been and are patient we appreciate it and you will be service as soon as humanly possible.  Due to overwhelming support from our friends and incredible customers we have been able to begin the daunting task of moving our office to a new location before the insurance companies fight it out and drag their feet any further. We look forward to serving you soon and once again appreciate your kind words and prayers.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

 Time Saver Maids' administrative office was hit by a fire from an adjacent office space. The insurance and fire investigators have made it so that our staff have very limited access to our computers, data and server stored phone files.  We are currently moving our server and what little office materials we can to a temporary office space today. Our current customers have all been notified via out text system and we appreciate your kind words and patience.  Daily deal voucher holders have NOT been so kind nor patient and we are extremely disappointed and saddened by the type of people the daily deal sites have as customers.  We are working diligently to resolve any delay or rescheduling needed and do not appreciate the added drama caused by rude, impatient and non-compassionate people.  If your not willing to be patient and realize that the voucher doesn't expire tomorrow feel the need to be rude, please direct your rudeness to the company in which you purchased the voucher and let them deal with your behavior.  We have had an outpouring of support from our Susan G team and wish to thank you girls for your assistance in this tragic event.  We hope to have our office up and operational by early next week and get people rescheduled as soon as humanly possible. Thank you again for those who have offered your prayers and support.

Monday, October 17, 2011

TimeSaverMaids.com - Will be DOWN for server migration !

Our site www.TimeSaverMaids.com will be down for some server work from 4:00 PM Oct 17, 2011 to 4:00 PM Oct 18, 2011.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may have for you, you can always email us at mail [@] timesavermaids.com.  Thanks a bunch, look forward to cleaning you soon.

- Staff
Time Saver Maids

Friday, October 7, 2011

Time Saver Maids will be CLOSED 10/10/11 observance of Columbus Day

Time Saver Maids will be closed 10/10/2011 in observance of Columbus Day!  You can always submit a FREE estimate form online at www.TimeSaverMaids.com and we can contact you as soon as we open again. Thanks! Have a SAFE and Fun Columbus Day.... Adventure and exploration.....

Friday, September 16, 2011

Time Saver Maids New Website! Check it out www.TimeSaverMaids.com

Time Saver Maids has a new site!
Check out our new website http://www.timesavermaids.com -

New and updated. We will keep blog up and running but will use website as main portal to our company for estimates, contact and content. For Tips! and updates, this is still the place to be... Don't forget Twitter

Friday, September 9, 2011

Tips! - Coffee Stain Removal - From Time Save Maids

TIPS! From Time Saver Maids

If your like us here in the office, your loading up on Pumkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks right about now... So heres some easy tips on how to get rid of those pesky stains from your now and again drips and spills....

Coffee Stain Removal

Coffee stain removal can be done easily if you follow a few simple tips. As with any stain, coffee stain removal should be done immediately if possible. The longer the stain has a chance to set, the harder it will be to remove.
Using a clean white cloth, blot the stain to remove any excess liquid. Coffee stain removal can also be done with a mixture of dishwashing liquid and luke warm water or with the use of 1/3 cup of white vinegar and 2/3 cups of luke warm water. You can use either coffee stain removal solution and sponge gently to remove the stain.
Once the stain has been lifted, you should rinse with cold water and launder according to the labeled instructions for care.
Coffee Stain Removal for Carpet
Coffee stain removal on carpet can be done in the same manner as above. Using the same solutions of dish detergent and water or vinegar and water, the area can be blotted, sponged, blotted, and rinsed.
If the coffee stain removal left behind any excess discoloring, you can use your shampooer for further results.